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"I was an old patient of Dr. Udwadia's at the New Westminster Vein Clinic and have followed him to his new location in North Vancouver. After 20 years of hiding my leg every summer, I am now able to wear shorts confidently and have given up my compression stockings as my feet no longer swell."


- P.S.

"I had a phlebectomy performed by Dr. Udwadia and my only regret is not having it done earlier. The blue ball-like veins I had in my leg have disappeared. They were so large, they distracted me while playing golf. I am pain-free, swelling-free and vein-free! Thank you. I am immensely grateful.


- J.S.D.

"Not sure anyone loves going to a surgeon, but this doctor was knowledgeable, honest and easy to talk to. I went to him on the basis of a referral from a friend after vascillating for several months. He looked after me very kindly, gently and with great expertise. I would recommend him very strongly."


- P.H.

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