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Laser Spider Vein Removal


Vascular lesions (telangiectasias) occur primarily on the face, neck and upper chest.  They may appear as red, blue or purple vessels matted together.  The cause of these abnormal blood vessels is unknown but they seem to be of a  hereditary predisposition and most prevalent in people with facial flush or blush, or those with excessive sun exposure. In addition other conditions have been implicated such as rosacea (an adult form of acne), hot or spicy foods, exercise, hormone levels and  steroid medication.

The copper bromide laser produces a focused beam of yellow light which is readily attracted by hemoglobin in the blood vessels. The heat generated vaporizes the vessel which is later absorbed. Lightly colored, untanned skin absorbs very little of the light and is not damaged by the treatment. Persons with dark or darkly tanned skin, or who have a history of keloid formation or other healing problems, may experience more side effects such as minimal scarring or minor pigment changes at the treatment site. 

The laser is an effective tool in eliminating these unsightly vessels. However, response to the treatment varies and some patients may need more than one session for the desired effect to take place. Results are usually apparent immediately but in some cases the treated vessels may take several weeks to fade.  Small hemangiomas and cherry angiomas are often completely removed in one treatment. Several treatment sessions may be required to eliminate more extensive and bulky hemangiomas. 


The image on the right shows before and after Laser Acne Treatment

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