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Many people seek a healthy looking and attractive appearance now more than ever before. They are particularly interested in minimizing or eliminating facial lines and wrinkles resulting from age, sun damage, heredity, and lifestyle choices such as smoking.


One of the many treatments available to minimize the appearance of facial dynamic wrinkles is the injection of a gel containing sugar called hyaluronic acid. This substance is already naturally present in all living organisms and is responsible for adding volume and fullness to the skin. It depletes with age. Restylane, manufactured in Sweden, was the first product containing hyaluronic acid produced by bacteria and not derived from animal protein. As the product is produced by bacteria rather than extracted from animal tissue, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal. One of the great advantages of fillers containing hyaluronic acid such as Restylane, Juvederm or Teosyal is that the treatment is long lasting although not permanent.

There is virtually no risk of animal-based disease transmission and only a very slight risk of an allergic reaction. These products have been used safely by millions of people since 1996 worldwide to help reduce facial lines and wrinkles, providing immediate and visible results with minimal recovery time. The most commonly reported side effects were temporary redness and swelling at the injection site. These effects typically resolve within two to three days.Patients return to work or other activities immediately following their treatment. Because these products are non-animal-based and fully biocompatible, allergy testing is not required.

The images on the left show before & after treatment.


How long a treatment holds its effect is individual and depends on many factors, such as your age, skin type, life style and muscle activity, as well as on the injection technique. The gel is slowly absorbed, which means that the effect is not permanent. Gel particles are absorbed so slowly that you have ample time for maintenance treatment. As the gel breaks down, water takes its place. The less concentrated the gel becomes, the more water it is able to bind. These facts are the main reasons that these products lasts so long. When totally absorbed the gel disappears unnoticed by the body. Most patients choose to have a follow-up treatment about six to twelve months after an initial treatment of wrinkles or facial contouring. 


The thickness of the lip varies tremendously from person to person and depends on many factors such as age and racial origin. One of the many aspects of aging is thinning of the lips. Many people are looking for that slightly fuller shape for their lips to recreate the so-called Paris lip look. Just a touch of additional volume can make an enormous difference in your appearance. Or perhaps you want fuller, more sensuous cheeks? These treatments are intended for all types of wrinkle correction as well as lip, chin or cheek enhancement. You may be just one short treatment away from the look you always wanted.  

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