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Through the ages, while our perception of beauty has evolved, our quest for a youthful and healthy appearance has never wavered. The earliest recorded treatment for varicose veins was an offering to the gods in Greece at the Temple of Aesculapius, in scriptures dating back to 400 B. C. We have come a long way since then and today, there are many innovative and minimally invasive techniques, specifically designed to improve and enhance one’s appearance. With several treatment options to choose from including laser surgery, it would be difficult for the average individual to decide which procedure is best tailored or suited to obtain the desired results. 

At The Vein & Laser Clinic, we offer a spectrum of treatment options with the experience and knowledge of a surgical specialist who has devoted his professional life to the management of venous disorders. Every treatment is preceded by a free thirty minute consultation, where every possible treatment option is discussed, enabling the patient to make an unhurried, informed decision. 



" I am easily satisfied with the very best "- Winston Churchill 


Why Suffer in Vein?

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